Many people don’t want to clean the portable kind of toilet or even the public toilet. Some would feel bad smelling the smell of it. It could be something that they are not used to do in their daily lives. They would defend themselves by saying that their toilet is clean every time and maintained in a well and pleasant way. But there are always people who would take the risk of doing this job because they need to earn money and they are thinking that there is nothing wrong with doing this kind of job. It is always a good thing to make money in the right and proper way. There are being hired by different service companies in local cities. They are paid monthly and be able to have some incentives and tips coming from their customers or clients and of course from their companies. Cleaning the toilet and making sure that they would not flush the solid stuff down to the toilet as it would damage severely to the tank drainage. That is why we have professional service cleaners as they have enough skills and knowledge about cleaning the toilet whether it is a public one or the portable kind of toilet that is being rented by most of the people whenever they have a party. Aside from that, they need to disinfect the side of the toilet bowl to make sure that there would be no germs and bacteria left.  

It is very important that before they start cleaning it, they need to wear the proper suit and gloves and masks on their face for them to be safe from possible inhalation of the unpleasant smell that they are going to clean. This will help them as well from getting away to the possible diseases that they may get because of the dirt and dirty environment.  

For the public and portable one, they would use a hose to spray water all over the cubicle or area. In this way, it would reduce the unpleasant smell. It includes as well the bowl of the toilet. They need to make sure that they would splash some water to the different areas. Next, they will use a machine to get all the dirt and unpleasant substances that are scattered all over the place. It would be like a vacuum cleaner but bigger than that. After that, they need to tie the plastic storage of the dirt and they need to properly throw them later. After that, they would spray disinfectant to remove all the germs and bacteria there and to kill those unwanted viruses from growing and spreading.  

More to this, some professional cleaners would even make sure that the cubicle or portable toilet is totally refreshed and all the dirt is being removed. Some of them would spend time brushing and scrubbing the floor area. They use the bleach to make sure that all the germs left are killed. They will refill the tissue handle. They would also place new sanitizer liquid and many more.