You occasionally forget about utility lines but it plays a key part in locating a perfect spot where you could plant a tree. Those lines above outside your house can be electric, television or telephone lines. Meanwhile underground lines consist of water, natural gas or sewer. Always keep remember that the location of these lines should have straight impact on your selected planting site so plan well on where you should plant properly in your yard. 

Utility Lines

You tend to overlook those lines overhead with regards to trees on a daily basis. Keep in mind it will require great deal of maintenance such as trimming and pruning in planting tall growing trees near these lines. Large trees that are close to overhead lines may cause service interruptions when trees make contact with wires so be thoughtful when selecting the site to plant trees. 

At present, majority of utility service providers run below the ground. Be aware that tress could damage the lines underground if planted near those lines. Avoid causing utility companies major repairs. It is recommended that you play it safe and call your local utility company to be certain that you don’t dig and damage their lines. Don’t just assume that utility lines underground are buried deeper than you need to dig. 

In planting tall tree that grow above 60 feet, make sure to plant at least 35 feet away from the house. This will allow plenty of space for roots to develop and to minimize possible damage to structures while in places without overhead lines like meadows or parks, tall trees make a good option. If you area has no space for taller trees, look for medium sized species of trees that grow not more than 40 feet. For small areas, it is important not to plant a tree that can grow above 20 feet.  

If you mistakenly planted a tree and its getting dangerously closer to utility lines, it’s time to seek help with a professional. In most cases, the solution could be something simple like trimming some branches. Keep in mind that trimming and pruning must also be done properly and require not only great skill and experience but there are also specialized tools needed. 

There are also situations where tree removal is the only option not to cause damage to utility lines and at the same time keeps you, your family and your house away from potential danger. Tree removal is a serious task, it carries the risk of damage and even trimming and pruning could be risky if you don’t have proper tools and gears so better leave it to the hands of professionals. You always have the option to contact local professional tree Service Company near you. They have more experience from large tree removal to stump removal and have proper tools which you do not have. A good tree removal Cincinnati company will evaluate the situation of the tree, provide recommendations and do not forget to communicate with you in each step of the process. Some tree removal company offers free estimate so you can have your budget ready on the schedule.