Food product buildup, grease accumulation, as well as chemical concentration are considered as the most common causes of clogged drains in houses. At their worst, these certain clogs need repairs and professional cleaning that might not be that possible given different plumbing systems or certain budgets. 

Unclog Your Drain 

However, in the best-case scenario, you might be able to fully eliminate these clogs using several methods and tools that you can find and do at home, before your need to hire a professional and experienced plumber ever arises. Also, in this blog, we have compiled six of the most effective, do it yourself drain cleaning techniques that homeowners can utilize in order to mitigate the clog’s effects, as well as return their draining pipes into a good performance. Below, you will learn some important tips on how to clean or eliminate the clog on your drain. 

Use Hot Water

Usually overlooked because of its simplicity, simple hot water drain cleaning can sometimes be all that you need in order to return your dirty or clogged drain to its peak performance. As a matter of fact, flushing your drain pipes using hot water can usually dislodged buildup gunk and clogged materials, vial a simple water pressure, heat and force combination. 

And, for the best results, you can also try to use hot water by running it through your dirty or clogged rains for about fifteen minutes. And, if all goes well accordingly, the force and bare heat of the water will actually dislodge any buildup that will affect your drain as well as return your plumbing pipes to optimal operation condition without spending any bucks. In addition to that, since this flush need nothing aside from a working faucet, the fact is that it is the most basic potential clogged drain cleaning procedures that you can do.  

Use the Tools and Supplies that You Already Have at Home

Other simple tricks you might not have considered for unclogging or cleaning your drains can actually be done with tools that you already own, prior to going out as well as buying do it yourself drain cleaning supplies or calling a professional and experienced drain cleaning in Erie PA to assess the drains in your home, try utilizing these basic tools in order to perform quick and easy drain pipe repairs. 

  • Plunger – The plunger in your bathroom might actually be the right solution for your poorly performing or clogged drains. In addition to that, specialized sink plungers are even more effective and efficient for sink drains since it features optimized designs which are certainly ideal for sink usage.  
  • Petroleum Jelly – One best way to get a good seal over the opening of your drain is through applying a petroleum jelly to the plunger’s rim since the petroleum jelly seals your plunger temporarily to the fixture, which prevents the air from escaping. 
  • Liquid Cleaners You Can Make at Home – When the techniques stated above are impractical or do not work well in your situation, you might want to try using homemade mixture solutions to unclog or clean your drains.